Fabulous Fun-ky weekend overcomes the weather

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Ian Haughey reports: "Another year, another great weekend in Audlem. Greeted by the usual summer weather, Saturday morning it rained but the Funky Teams — Triathlon, Crafts, Kev's Funky Science Tent, Tennis, Talent Workshops, Funky Cafe & the Box Cart Derby — all carried on regardless. The ASET Tents arrived and the Public Hall and field sprang in to frenzied activity in preparation for the huge numbers expected.

"We were not disappointed. It's true to say that the weather rarely stops people from supporting the events in Audlem, and Funky was well supported. Funky started from a suggestion by two members of Audlem Youth club for an event just for the kids and youth in Audlem — that was in 2004! The Event itself improves each year, marked in 2007 by winning an award.

"Saturday's events had creative, scientific, construction, physical and talent based activities, Fashion for Myths & Legends created from everyday throw away items and fabrics, potato heads alarmingly accurate! Funky's own banner adding another year's worth of embroidery that has to be seen to be appreciated in its full glory. Science 'magic' and experiments providing loads of fun and laughter, along with some mega science games. "Teams of kids and adults constructed Box Carts for the Death Alley event in the afternoon whilst the Triathlon event got underway around the field; cycling, running and agility all put to the test — even space hoppers! The Afternoon also saw Tennis activities and the Talent Workshops. "In the evening we had Funky's own 'Chilli night' with a fantastic audience entertained in the Public Hall. X Academy, based in Nantwich where a number of Audlem Children attend the Performing Arts centre, were joined by friends from Crewe & Nantwich areas and provided clarinet and saxophone numbers culminating with audience participation in 'I Feel Good'.

"Moving to song excerpts from West End's 'Wicked' to stunning dance sets choreographed for the event. More Audlem talent was then on show with Bands Storm in a tea Cup and the Strangers further providing the entertainment. The night was completed with another band that has played locally for a few years at Audlem, Fake Heroes. A storming set that had young and 'old' up dancing.

"Day one over and day two blew in!! Yes there were 'Tent and marquee' casualties which delayed getting set up, the day saw wind, rain and sun in ever changing amounts throughout the day. However, we saw the 5 a side football event take place. A lot of competitive football played to entertain the 200+ people who attended. Excellent refereeing ensured fair play and it all added up to an enjoyable event.

"It's great to hear comments from the visitors this event attracts, the friendliness, and welcome that is felt. Yes, it's competitive out there, but how they all enjoy the day. The enjoyment is further added by again some of the Saturday events in the Craft and Science Tents, Talent workshops and 'THE WALL'! The climbing wall attracts a very steady stream of Chris Bonningtons!

"To add to this year's event TAVA also put on Alice in Wonderland by the Foolsgold Theatre Company at the St James' Primary school. The open air walk around production involves the audience following scenes around as they happed. This ticketed event added a great addition to the weekend.

"As the day drew to a close, the weather picked up as the customary three Churches BBQ began its preparations. Awards were presented in the Public Hall during the Myths & Legends fashion parade and the culmination of the Talent workshops provided drum and violin solos, dance and an improvised 'Super Group' appearance to entertain the appreciative audience. And then on to the best chilled out BBQ where the sun always puts in an appearance to provide a great finale to the Funky weekend.

"There are too many to thank, but they all deserve one, and many would not want thanking, just enjoying being there. This event pulls a lot of people of all ages together, whether in the actual organising and setting up or as often seen by people just helping out when it's needed during the two days. It wouldn't happen without the sponsorship of the Village in its various guises and the support of its businesses.

"On behalf of the Funky Team — THANK YOU All."