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Flood at Coxbank 22nd February 2012

Regular Chatbox readers will have seen a number of posts saying that Coxbank is cut off.

The problem is serious and is the result of flooding and road damage on the approach to Coxbank meaning that the water is right across the road and well over six inches deep in many places.

Beneath that, and invisible because of the water, the road surface has broken up with the potential to seriously damage the underside of a vehicle.

An Audlem parish councillor from nearby Bagley Lane has taken up the case with Cheshire East council via borough councillor Rachel Bailey. He has written to her to say:

"It appears that as a result of canal dredging and the deposition of the water- logged silt on to an adjacent field that the water run off may be causing a severe flooding problem for the inhabitants of Coxbank.

"The approach road to Coxbank is seriously flooded and the road surface seems to have been very badly affected resulting in very significant potholes. I have talked to the contractors who claim that the water problem is not related to their on-going work."  

He goes on to add: "It has been intimated by some locals that the cause of the problem may also be as a result of a collapsed roadside culvert that has been reported to the Cheshire East council in the past only to have no action taken."

He also says: "Yesterday, as a result of the flooding, it would have been very difficult for people to walk through this flood so making it difficult for children to get to and from the school bus stop. Could you take this into account when discussing priorities with Highways Department, as Coxbank could be deemed as being cut off by the flood."

He concludes by asking for intervention "to get some rapid resolution of this serious situation."

Rachel Bailey responded almost immediately and has taken up the case with a Highways manager.

#The cause? 
There is uncertainty about the cause of the flooding. Another local resident has written this morning to say: "There is a drain blocked that leads from the gullies. Nothing to do with the dredging work. There has not been any run-off from the field due to spreading of silt contrary to popular opinion. I have inspected the field thoroughly."

In the meantime, whatever the cause, the road is badly flooded and the only alternative road connecting Coxbank with the outside world involves a dangerous junction on a bend with the A529 south of Swanbach.

Will Cheshire East pay compensation for any vehicles damaged by this poorly maintained road? We understand compensation claims are being met elsewhere as result of the many potholes across the county so, if your vehicle has been damaged, a claim might be worthwhile.