Cows frighten away noisy bikers

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The happy folk of Monks Brook in Southampton were getting increasingly irritating by youths on loud bikes tearing up picturesque countryside near to the village centre.

Rather than turning to tried and tested methods of youth containment such as writing to the Daily Mail or handing out ASBOS, Hampshire County Council decided that some bovine motivation was required.

Council officials therefore drafted in eight large cows to occupy the land. Rather amazingly, the Aberdeen Angus brutes seem to have done the trick — with most children back playing endless computer games indoors where they should be.

Not everyone is impressed, the local football team for example is finding it increasingly difficult to play between the herd, with the chairman commenting on the fact that the council is not solving the problem they're just mooooving it on.

Sadly similar plans are not thought to be on the cards in Audlem. Moooo'res the pity.


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