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At 6.15 yesterday morning, a few hours after Stuart's Doorstep Delivery had already left milk on the doorsteps of Gemmull Close, residents were awoken to the sound of about a dozen more milk carriers outside their doors.

A herd of cows had escaped through an unfastened gate at the bottom of Tollgate Drive and were taking a fancy to the tasty treats in the gardens of Gemmull Close. Fortunately the actions of quick-thinking Jane Dale saved the day. Jane, who works part time in the Coffee Lounge, was woken by the sound of mooing outside her window. She dashed from bed and guided the herd back into the field before securing the gate.

One resident, who was awoken from a deep sleep, said that at first she thought that she was dreaming. Reality struck when she looked out of the window to see the cattle being herded back by Jane.


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