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There was a somewhat strange booking for a parking offence yesterday afternoon at the Buttermarket.

The weekly delivery of stock to the Flower Divas saw the flower truck parked on the Square by the Buttermarket. With all but very small parking spaces in the village centre unused, the delivery team had little choice.

While the driver and his mate were in the shop, the Traffic Warden swooped — we think they have a fancy new name but we'll stick with Traffic Warden. Asked afterwards by a passing AudlemOnline reporter, the Warden confirmed the truck had indeed been booked.

"How can they deliver?" was the obvious question. "They can park to make a delivery on the double yellow," replied the Warden. "But not where there's a drop-down kerb. That's an automatic fine."

The conversation continued further up Cheshire Street where there are parking bays and another drop-down kerb. "Curiously" added the warden, "it's not an offence to park in front of that drop-down. But the one on the opposite side of the road — (one of the pair enabling wheelchairs etc to cross the road) — that is is an offence because that's not an official parking bay."

Confused? To avoid fines, it's probably best, for everyone's sake, not to park in front of a drop-down, even in a parking bay.

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