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Following the discussion at last night's Parish Council meeting on the vexed issue of delivery vans servicing the new Co-op, Geoff Smethurst has today received the following response from Rachel Bolton, Planning Compliance Officer at Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council:


"Dear Mr Smethurst

cc Ken Maple, Cheshire Police

"Thank you for your email regarding the deliveries to the new Co-op in

Audlem. My colleague, Ros Ellison has forwarded your email to me.

"Condition 13 on the notice of permission for P06/1125 requires the

parking and turning facility for the apartments and the retail units to

be surfaced and marked out before occupation.

"I visited the site yesterday and can confirm that the turning area has

not yet been provided in accordance with the permission. I will write

to Muller Properties requesting that the surfacing is undertaken as a

matter of urgency, this should then allow the Co-op deliveries to take

place to the rear of the front block and off Shropshire Street.

"From a planning perspective it should be noted that although the

turning facility is to be provided the local planning authority can not

make the co-op delivery lorry use the turning area. I can confirm that

there are no conditions requiring deliveries to take place within the

site. However, when I have received a response from Muller Properties,

I will write to the area manager of the Co-op encouraging them to use

this turning facility when it has been provided.

"The police are best placed to advise you with regards to the parking and

traffic problems.

"I trust this is satisfactory for the time being. If I can be of further

assistance please do not hesitate to contact me."

Let's hope that these actions, combined with the letters the Parish Council agreed to send to Cheshire County Council (Highways), the Borough Council, Mullers and the Co-op about delivery van parking and off-loading obstructions, bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion. Watch this space for further developments. And in the meantime, please keep your comments coming in on the forum debate over this issue.Photo: Philip Hesketh


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