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There's an Audlem service that may be of interest to pet owners. Check out www.thepetsittercheshire.co.uk(The website link that was here no longer works) for a local dog walking, pet home visits, taxi service and home checks service. Or contact them on the dog & bone (apologies, couldn't be resisted) on 01270 811032.

There's a dog walking service, popular with people who have busy life styles, but don't want their dogs to suffer. Your dog can be walked at a time agreed, either on a one off or regular basis. On returning, your dog's feet will be cleaned and towelled dry if required. The dog walking will take place around familiar areas to your dog.

If you are going away for a length of time, or you are away from home for long periods of the day, whatever your reason, a Pet Home Visit can be provided which includes feed & water; a walk; a change of bedding; administer medication and a play and cuddle. (Human's do not qualify for this service, Audlem Online would like to point out!)

There's also a pet taxi service if you can't get out of work, don't have transport, or don't wanting to get pet hairs over your car. The taxi service could include transporting your pet to and from the vets and grooming parlour. It's a safe, secure and insured transport service.

Finally, a home check is provided at no extra charge, and with your permission, whilst visiting your home. This includes a security check, ensuring that all windows and doors are locked and secure, open and close curtains, and provide a 'someone in' service, thus not promoting your absence to unwanted guests. Feeding and watering your plants can be included, if required.


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