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'So I'll wait to see what happens over time".... The lyrics followed the haunting opening of the reads 'Good Omen' as they took to the stage at a packed Telford's Warehouse in Chester last night, the hairs on the back of the neck stood!

Its a long time since I've stood in such an expectant vibrant audience, an electric atmosphere, and outside Telford's, a queue still waiting for the opportunity to get in as the reads took the plaudits for their opening number.

This was no supergroup, not in the sense of the famous, but to everyone who has followed or listened to this band, it has only ever felt a matter of time. As one who first heard 'Good Omens', 'Broken Backs' and 'AMB' on a demo disc a few years back, to hear them on this night, the launch night of the reads 'Stories from the Border' album, was the culmination of the band's development.

Recording this album has really put them up there. Produced and mixed by Jim Spencer, the depth of sound, the influences, the lyrics, the delivery really comes together.

The live performance captured the warmth and humour of the band. Stuart Bennett fronts an exceptional group of people — Marcel Delrue, Jamie Russell, Clare Goddard and Matty Goddard, oh and yes another Goddard on Saturday night! It's hard not to love these guys and their music.

The influences in the album are far reaching and come seamlessly together, track after track, on this 12 track debut album. The CD is beautifully presented, reminiscent of the days of vinyl, even down to the 'A' and 'B' side, but if you can't wait to hear it visit your local download store.

Buy the album, and be at Audlem Music Festival in May to see them live, why? Because "it is written".

Check them out at or click on the link below the photo — and at


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