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Burleydam and District Women's Institute report: "Pharmaceutical companies are often in the news these days whether for launching the latest wonder drug or being criticised for not revealing potential life threatening side effects to an existing cure.

"The role of the neighbourhood pharmacy becomes ever more important as a place for dispensing advice as well as prescriptions. Nowadays, though, it is rare to find a pharmacy that is not part of a larger chain. Changes to the NHS drug procuring procedure mean that large chains with buying power can broker advantageous deals not available to the independent chemist.

"The inside story of what it is like to be a pharmacist in today's world was revealed in an entertaining and informative talk from John Wilkinson, the Audlem pharmacist. He also explained why he, like so many independents before him, had decided to sell up, for the previous Friday had been his last day in his Audlem shop.

"Members also heard from President, Sarah Lunt, about the Cheshire Federation of WIs Annual meeting held earlier that day in Winsford. As always Federation Treasurer, Sheila Gregory, managed to inject humour into her financial report and her knitting challenge to WI's this time was to knit cakes and sandwiches!

"Lots of good events have been planned including an open day at Capesthorne Hall for members and their families and a garden party at Christleton where luckily there will be real cakes as well as knitted ones!

To mark 2008 as Cheshire Year of the Garden the Federation have commissioned a rose from Fryers which will be available this Autumn. Called Jam and Jerusalem it will be sold in its first season to WI's only.

"The competition was for an old remedy. The winner was Ann Rutter, second Mary Stevenson and third Sheila Beeston."


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