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Brushettes Limited is an all-female, team of Professional Painters & Decorators. I am a member of the team and live in Buerton.

Is your home in need a make-over? 

  • Do you need to Sell or Let, & require a quick decor update?

  • Have you just moved premises and need a re-fresh?

  • Do you dream of stunning, bespoke mural artwork — perhaps for a baby’s nursery?

Then the Brushettes team can respond competitively to all your Painting & Decorating requirements.

We are a group of professional females, who take pride in completing all our jobs efficiently. 

We are different: all our Brushettes are CRB Checked, giving you total piece of mind and security in your own home.

We work in Teams, ensuring maximum capacity to get the job done — around times to suit you. 

We are Discrete & Unobtrusive, Clean & Tidy — we dust & hoover before we leave each day.

Please contact Julia Mitchell on : 07866 035405  or email for further details:" target="_blank">   

#Brushettes — Who We Are
We aim to offer an all-round excellent Service that will appeal especially to female customers, the elderly, the vulnerable… or simply anyone who cares about the state their home is left in each night.

So our team of “Brushettes” (as they are affectionately termed), will always work in pairs, and they are CRB checked in order that we can offer peace of mind and security to our customers.

Our girls are trained to work professionally, and at all times must maintain a polite, respectful and unobtrusive manner. We will ensure that at the end of each day, the customer’s premises are left clean and tidy – we will even hoover and dust as required!

For our team of Brushettes, the benefits of working with us are multiple. Firstly, our girls are able to develop their skills and passion in a way that has been difficult to date.

For whilst there are consistent numbers of girls taking courses at local colleges, for example at the Burslem Campus in the Potteries, they have found it difficult to source employment at the end.

The Painting & Decorating trade has traditionally been Male-centric, hence understandably unappealing for many women. We are working closely now with Burslem College in order to offer the College graduates an Apprenticeship with Brushettes Limited, thereby ensuring a continuous chain of Supply & Demand for both the College & the Trainees.

Secondly, many women actually want to work with other, like-minded women. And to be able to choose their individual working patterns that will fit in around their lifestyles. 

Brushettes Limited will endeavor to accommodate each of our girls own requirements, by permitting them to take on as much, or as little, work that they choose. Specifically, we aim to respond to the challenges that so many Mums face, who want to get back to work but are constricted by traditional part-time roles.

The Brushettes team can respond to any Painting & Decorating requirement, whether Domestic or Commercial. And we have Specialist skills in-house that can offer bespoke Wall Art (Murals) of any kind eg. for a Baby’s nursery, or a Restaurant’s interior wall.