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Back in February Audlem Online reported that a refund could be due to those residents who had opted to use Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council's "brown bin" garden waste service. This is because the service was not covered in the standard Council Tax charge. Instead, those residents who opted to receive a brown bin had to pay an extra £23 for the period from 1st August 2008 to 31st July 2009.

From 1st April, when Cheshire East replaced the Borough Council, the cost of the garden waste service became part of the standard Council Tax. In other words it is "free", like the black and grey bin collections. Residents of all "rural" areas of the Crewe and Nantwich area who use the brown bin service had paid for twenty-four collections from 1st August 2008 up to 31st July 2009, meaning that these residents have paid too much. In Audlem's case this equates to one third of the total number of collections.

In February I contacted the Council in connection with this payment and asked how the overpayment for the eight collections would be refunded. The overpayment equates to £7.67 per household. I have now had a response from Cheshire East Council, stating "I can now confirm your refund request for £7.67 will be processed as soon as possible." On making further enquiries with the council, it appears that each individual resident with a brown bin will have to contact the council to claim this refund. Is this a political decision that has been taken on the basis that not everyone with a brown bin will claim the refund?

The Parish Council has already taken the issue up with Cheshire East's local councillor, Rachel Bailey, to find out what is going on and whether the council will make a block refund to all Audlem residents who have paid for brown bins.

Audlem Online will keep you informed of further developments. In the meantime a form is being designed which will allow you to claim the refund should this prove to be necessary.


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