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Today, so we are told, is officially the most depressing of the year — Blue Monday.

Officially? Well, that seems to mean that there is a mathematical formula said to prove the case, which we are delighted to publish:

Where W is weather; d is debt (but we don’t know what D is); T is the time since Christmas; q is the time since failing our New Year’s resolutions; M is ‘’love motivation levels’, whatever they are, and N is the need to take action. And we don't what the little 'a' is either!

We think this is a formula that may have been more familiar to Brian Epstein than Albert Einstein, but the newspapers are full of ideas for beating the Blue Monday blues.

So here’s our 10 suggestions for some local ones. You may well want to add to the list — these are simply our first thoughts:

  • A free one — walk the canal towpath, said to be one of the finest walks in lowland England.

  • Sign up with Karen for Zumba in the Public Hall — there’s a daytime class this morning and evening classes for beginners and the more experienced restart soon.

  • Go to tonight’s Folk Jam at the Shroppie Fly — crazy instruments and amazing musicians enjoying themselves.

  • Join the History Society — you'll learn about Lord Combermere on Thursday night.

  • Become an embroiderer. Their Guild meets this Thursday morning in Audlem — it’s an amazingly successful organisation.

  • Buy tickets for the 5As panto, written by Colin Cliffe, and sure to make you laugh .

  • Enjoy Fish & Chips — the papers suggest that one too, so it must be true!

  • Buy a bike from Audlem CycleSport, get fitter and enjoy the surrounding countryside

  • Pop into the local pubs and enjoy a pint or two

  • And cheapest, and perhaps best of all, watch Gaius FitzGibbon's film of Audlem on a misty morning — see Audlem Online yesterday. If you are lucky enough to live in Audlem, this will make you so glad you do. 

Other suggestions warmly welcomed. Please send them to

Indeed, looking at the list, other ideas are already coming to mind — a Jinja Bake cake, for instance, or a good book from Enya's at Hoc's Fat Pigeon.  


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