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The speaker at the April meeting of Audlem WI was David Maidment who is a member of the Railway Children charity. He gave a graphic insight into the plight of children in Far Eastern and South American countries who live on railway platforms under the most appalling conditions in order to survive.

He told of the efforts to educate them by holding platform schools which teach them to read and possibly get employment. The charity helps train some children in first aid so they can help other children. The network also attempts to teach them trades, mainly mechanics. His examples were extremely harrowing, especially that of Brazilian police who murdered 400 street children because they were 'in the way'.

Eight members of the WI are attending the St George's Day concert today in Winsford and seven are going to the Lyceum to see the wartime musical evening We'll Meet Again. Pat Smith presented the birthday flowers and the next meeting will be on Thursday 1st May. New members and visitors are most welcome.


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