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Yesterday, the Audlem webteam had a meeting and agreed that a complaints policy was needed for Audlem Online in case complaints are received about any items that appear on the site. The Complaints Policy is now published in the 'About This Website' page — type 'Complaints Policy' in the search box to find it in the 'Information' section of the website. This is what was agreed.

Audlem Online Complaints Policy

The Webteam want Audlem Online to be of positive benefit to Audlem, its residents and businesses, visitors and anyone who uses the site. If, however, anyone is unhappy with any of the site's content, it is important there is a proper way of dealing with any complaints.

To complain, please contact the Webteam using the 'Contacts — Contact Webteam' emailing facility. Your complaint will be acknowledged as soon as possible. It will then be discussed by at least three members of the Webteam who will try to agree on how that complaint will be dealt with. The complainant will be informed by email of what has been agreed. However, the webteam's decision will be final.

The Webteam moderates all material being sent to the website in the form of Forum contributions, Guestbook contributions and Articles. On occasions, Forum debates can get heated. The Webteam will try to maintain a balance between Freedom of Speech and Expression and avoiding personal or damaging comments about individuals, institutions and businesses. At the same time, we want Audlem Online to be lively, newsworthy, amusing and relevant. The success of Audlem Online indicates that balance is struck most of the time. It will be our aim to maintain a high standard at all times but deal with any complaints in a proper manner.


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