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Audlem took centre-stage on BBC1's Dom's on the Case programme yesterday. Audlem was featured from the very start and the 45-minute broadcast concluded with advice from Audlem's chemist on how people around the country can cut the cost of their prescribed drugs.

The programme took a detailed, and sometimes harrowing look, at the drugs lottery. Depending on where you live, you may get free treatment, or have to pay huge sums for vital drugs — £120 a pill, or over £30,000 a year in one example of a cancer sufferer from Oxfordshire.

Audlem's role was to bring a lighter touch to a very serious issue, we were told by the BBC. The village's spoof application to join Wales, where all prescriptions are free, led to a starring role for Audlem's 5As Theatre Group, with many members dressed in a variety of Welsh costumes. The programme concluded with their rendition of the Welsh national anthem, judged by a member of the Welsh Assembly.

The village chemist's shop also had an extensive role in the show. Pharmacist Alison Ralph explained how patients can often avoid paying £7.10 a prescription by buying an alternative, cheaper drug over the counter. Her advice saved one young woman, who was planning her wedding, over £300, a figure she will be able to save year after year.

It's hoped that the Prime Minister's announcement on Tuesday that cancer sufferers will no longer have to pay for their prescriptions will help some of the tragic cases featured in yesterday's programme with whole communities struggling to pay for the drugs to keep one of their friends alive.

The film included many views of Audlem village centre, St James' church, the canal and the Shroppie Fly in the programme, all filmed on one of the rare sunny days this summer. The subject may have been very serious, but Audlem certainly looked a picture, a perfect English village, even if it was a little 'Welsh' for the day.


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