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The Audlem Lass team has today taken delivery of an all-weather boat.

If this year's summer is anything like last year's, passengers will welcome this new boat called
Norman — she will be a worthy companion to the Audlem Lass.

Kept a tightly guarded secret until now, Norman was spotted last weekend undergoing sea trials and fitting out in the marina on the ALBS landing jetty.

The same length as the Lass but with a greatly uprated outboard of 50hp (Audlem Lass has a more modest 4hp to drive her along) she will be able to cover the distance from Lock 15
to the marina in just over 3 minutes.

During this time passengers can take advantage of Sky Sports coverage, enjoy an alcoholic drink and, by prior arrangement, massage and aromatherapy services.

Like the Lass she will be available for private hire. Although not ready for the start of
the ALBS schedule at the Easter weekend — the massage table has yet to be fully tested — she should be in service soon.

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