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Dinah Andrew has written a report on the History Society's recent Ludlow visit:

"On Saturday July Ist members and friends of the Audlem History Society went by coach to Ludlow. The visit began with coffee in the church followed by an introductory talk on the history of the town. The group then had a guided

walk round the church, being particularly interested in the significance of

the Palmers' Guild in the life of church and town in Medieval times.


free time for lunch and a wander, the party met at the castle gate for a

town walk. The theme of this was how the Norman street plan remained the

framework of the town today. Succeeding centuries had adapted the buildings

to serve the changing role played by Ludlow in the life of the area. The

group were especially interested in the fine ButterMarket, designed and built

by William Baker (1701-1771) from Highfields, Audlem . After various changes

of use the meeting room above has now reverted to its original purpose as

the venue for local council meetings. After a walk down to the river which

was so important as a source of power in the days of mills, there was just

time for a cup of tea!

The success of the day owed a great deal to the

excellant guide David Lloyd, who was outstanding in his breadth of knowledge, charm of manner and clear diction. The perfect day and good company made

the outing a good round- off to the Society's summer activities. Meetings

begin again on Thursday 21st September 2006."


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