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Yesterday, Audlem FC faced an away match at St John's School, Whitchurch. Our opponents — Nomans Heath.

To the pitch by 10.15am. All changed and on the pitch. A sodden pitch with a veritable mud bath in the near goal mouth.

Time goes by and no referee. He (Paul Holdbrook) arrives at 11.30, at the time when the first half should have been completed. Got lost!

Kick off then with a good team selected by Geoff Stretch, our manager.

But, blow me, we are a goal down in five minutes. Mud to blame as Ed Holmes our goalie slips end over end! Worse to follow as we concede another by just ten minutes into the game.

Were we doomed to lose? But great work and a lovely cross by Kev Rogers was met by Pete Kulak -new player to us — who scores his first goal. So 2-1 to them. 

Twenty minutes in and a great pass by Pete Kulak and James Bebbington scores. 2-2!

Some very excellent mid-field work by captain Kev Mort and James Bebbington as we take command of the game. Mud spattering all players as tackles are hard and fair. Then a move by Shaun Cunningham gets the ball to Pete Kulak who turns and scores.

#In the lead
Half time and we are 3-2 in the lead. Second half and the very bright and very low sun now in the eyes of goalie Ed Holmes. But he has a cap, so not too bad.

Second half and on comes young James Kingpin Adams to replace James Brookes. “Kingpin” Adams has been crocked since the first game of the season. Well thought out long lob by Kev Mort hits the crossbar as we take full control of the match.

Eight minutes into the second half and another fine pass by our skipper, Kev, (whose play is excellent as he covers the pitch ) is met by James Kingpin Adams as he fires home. 4-2! An inspired substitution by the manager.

#On Top
Five minutes later and Ed Holmes saves what looks like a certain goal. By now we are on top, with superb mid-field control by James Bebbington and Kev Mort. Then a drive forward and Pete Kulak turns and passes the ball  to Shaun Cunningham who scores. 5-2!

The team is playing like a team which is good to see. They are knowing each better and playing for each other. Good passing and understanding obvious now, the voice of Captain Kev commanding all before him. Long shot by James Bebbington just scrapes by.

Subs of Graig Holding for Rob Loewe and of Darren Broadhurst for Shaun Cunningham as Geoff plays good tactics in the final 10 minutes for a second victory in a row. 

A very happy bunch on men then hastened back to the Lord C for the excellent chips! 

Next game could well be at home on December 2nd. More later.