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Wasting away those lazy days around New Year, we have been entertaining ourselves analysing the 2011 Census figures, many of which have been published recently (although it's a mystery given the vast amount of computing power now available why it still takes so long.)

More details on local statistics are planned for publication by the Office of National Statistics later this month on January 23rd.

Most of the easily digestible figures cover Audlem Ward, which stretches north to Stapeley, west to Aston and south and eastwards to the Shropshire border.

We have, however, by adding up all the groups of postcodes covering Audlem Parish, managed to elicit what we think are correct parish figures (if anybody has found official parish figures, please let us know):

Audlem Parish (our estimate)

Total number of residents residents is 1,991 (up 11% from 1,790 in 2001).
Total number of households: 867
Average persons per household: 2.3
Residents in communal living: 79
Hectares: 887
Persons per hectare: 2.24

Audlem Ward

Most of the official figures we have dug out from a large number of tables are for the larger Audlem Ward:

Total number of residents: 4,795
Number of households: 1,972
Average household size: 2.40
Residents in households: 4,677
Residents in communal living:118
Area (hectares): 8,637
Population density (people per hectare): 0.60

Age groups

Thirty eight babies were aged under 1 and just two people were of 100 years of age or more.

Analysing ages by each year — a lengthy table is published — the most common age in the area is 64 with 98 people of that age, followed by 91 62year olds, whereas there is no-one aged 99, the only age under one hundred without a single representative. Surprisingly, there is no huge leap of age-conscious individuals claiming to be 39.

Total: 4795
Age 0 to 4: 199
Age 5 to 7: 163
Age 8 to 9: 91
Age 10 to 14: 277
Age 15: 48
Age 16 to 17: 125
Age 18 to 19: 78
Age 20 to 24: 189
Age 25 to 29: 152
Age 30 to 44: 789
Age 45 to 59: 1096
Age 60 to 64: 443
Age 65 to 74: 615
Age 75 to 84: 366
Age 85 to 89: 110
Age 90 and over: 54
Mean age: 45.6
Median age: 49

Where born

Out of the 4795, 4649 were born in the UK meaning only 3% were born elsewhere. Most, as would be expected were born in England, followed by 139 in Wales, 78 in Scotland and 19 in Northern Ireland.

The vast majority of those born outside the UK were from non-EU countries. Only 11 households do not have English as their main language.

Sex and Work

Of the 4795, 2348 are male and 2447 are female.

No less than 38% are in professional or senior management positions; 15% in skilled trades; 7% in caring and other service positions; 4% in sales; plant and machine operators make up 6% and 10% are described as in 'Elementary positions'.

Married couples with no dependent children are the most common household type (812), followed by one person households (478) and then 352 married couples with dependent children. There are seven same-sex civil partnership households.

Out of 3487 claiming to be 'economically active', just 67 or 1.9% were unemployed, much lower than the national average of over 7%.

Public transport appears to play very little part in getting people to work with just 42 using a train and 10 a bus to get to work out of 3,487 economically active people. 35 do use a bicycle and 156 walk to work.


The vast majority of households are heated by oil with, interestingly, only 1.8% of homes not having central heating. The majority of homes have 3 or 4 bedrooms although an unlucky two homes have no bedroom.

Out of 4795 people, the majority claim to be in good or fair health with 259 saying they were in poor or very poor health.


It's a well educated area, with 39% achieving the highest level of education, presumably a degree or equivalent, and a further 7% studying in 6th form or above. Just 20% have no qualifications.