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Genealogy is all the fashion! We have Ann Tilling's article on the Homepage and have had a message from Celia Bloor of the History Society about a John Young from Scotland, who was staying in this area over 160 years ago. So why was he in Audlem in the 1840's? Indeed, five of his children were born in Audlem between 1839 and 1846. He was, in fact, a canal inspector descended from a Scottish stonemason, Andrew Young. Andrew lived in Langholm, near Telford's birthplace, and where Telford served his apprenticeship as a mason. A length of wall still exists there that Telford built at this time and the main street is called Thomas Telford Road. Andrew Young was personally invited to come south by Thomas Telford to help with his construction work. The Young family still have that letter dated 1809 and another dated 1812 which was carried to Andrew by the great man himself. They have also kept instructions from Telford about the building of bridges in Scotland.

It must have widened the people of Audlem's horizons when these people from far away started to arrive to help create the canal and then the railway in this area.

Judy Benson from Williams' newsagents has received a letter from a member of the family looking for any information on members of the family that might still be in the Audlem area. Does anyone named Young in Audlem at present believe himself or herself descended from this Scottish family with close ties to Thomas Telford? Celia Bloor is willing to help them find out if they don't know. Celia can be contacted on 01270 811260.


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