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John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, is asking for your views on what you think would be the most appropriate remedy for some anti-social behaviour and some minor offences as an alternative to the offender going to court.

He is asking this as a result of the introduction of a new law (the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014) which seeks to prevent offenders from reoffending and give victims a voice.

The feedback you give will be used to produce a Community Remedy Document which police officers will discuss with the victim who will have a say in the offender's punishment.

The types of offences that this may apply to would be:-

  • Minor criminal damage
  • Low value theft
  • Minor assault without injury
  • Anti-social behaviour (where there is no crime committed)

You can find the survey by clicking here — it's then at the bottom of the opened page.

The survey asks, in its opening question:
"From the list below, please tick up to THREE things, which in your opinion, you would think may be suitable to be carried out by a person who has engaged in anti-social behaviour or committed an offence where it would be better to resolve the matter out of court.

  • Face to Face apology
  • Letter of apology
  • Enter an agreement. E.g. not to go within a certain distance of an address or within a certain geographic area
  • An acceptable behaviour contract — where the offender agrees not to behave antisocially in the future, or face more formal consequences such as an antisocial behaviour order (or a criminal behaviour order)
  • Structured activity such as alcohol or drug treatment or training courses (e.g. anger management course)
  • Mediation — by a third party to bring together both parties to reach common agreement, for example, to resolve a neighbour dispute;
  • Paying compensation to the victim (e.g. for any damage caused),
  • Reparation to the victim (e.g. repairing damage or cleaning graffiti off a wall)
  • Reparation to the community — for example, by doing unpaid work for up to 10 hours)

It then asks: "Do you have any other suggestions for possible actions for community remedy?" You can add details about your suggestion.

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