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QEII at Audlem Jubilee Party on the Park
'Sincerely ABBA' at Audlem's Jubilee Party on the Park
Freddie and Brian from QEII at Party on the Park
Jubilee Party on the Park
'This is Bublé' at Jubilee Party on the Park
Fireworks Finale at Jubilee Party on the Park
Jubilee Party on the Park fireworks
Jubilee Party on the Park

Something of a miracle happened last night in Audlem. The village had a great big massive outdoors party — and it didn't rain (well maybe, to be strictly accurate, one or two drops).

On Friday on Audlem Online, ASET said they had ordered sunshine — and, to everyone's suprise, they delivered.

It was less of a surprise, on past form, that they also delivered probably the best party Audlem has seen for many a year.

Ticket sales had been excellent but, with washouts across the country, terrible floods, seemingly non-stop rain, dire weather warnings, and over an inch (or 25ml) of rain on Friday, would this summer's monsoon make the much-anticipated Jubilee Party on the Park yet another casualty of this so-called summer.

There were even serious doubts amongst the ASET team on Friday night as the rain poured down. Could they even get the stage built on the sodden playing field, they asked. But, amazingly, magnificently, all came right on the night. It was even dry underfoot!

Somewhere approaching 1,800 party goers simply danced the night way. They picknicked in style while 'This is Bublé' entertained.

The fabulous 'Sincerely ABBA' really got the party going as hundreds danced to some of the most popular pop numbers ever.

Dave Johnson of Signal Radio kept everyone smiling and entertained brilliantly between acts before headline act, QEII, took to the stage.

Described as "The best Queen tribute band in the country", they lived up right royally to their reputation with a non-stop rocking set that had huge numbers dancing, clapping in time to the likes of Radio Gaga and so many other legendary Queen numbers.

It wasn't just one but two encores that saw 'We Will Rock You' and 'We are the Champions' bringing a scintallating night to a suitable finalé.

But still there was more — a fantastic Blitz fireworks display, set to Handel's music, finished a great Audlem night in style.

Anyone who was there will wonder how a village the size of Audlem pulls off a night like this. The answer is ASET, a team of hard-working and very talented local volunteers who know how to entertain, how to book the best bands, and quite simply — but it's far more complicated than that — knowing how to put on a night to remember.*

Over the past decade or so, they have brought us Proms on the Park and the Westenders — great shows, without a doubt, that will live long in the memory.

But, watching the smiling, singing, dancing audience of all ages last night, made you think that, perhaps, indeed probably, they had pulled off their best Audlem party ever.

It was truly a night to remember. Thank you ASET. It was a fantastic party.

Our thanks to Alan Duncan of ASET, Phil Baker, Alisdair Mackenzie, Derek Jones and David Roberts for the splendid photographs. They are now on the Events Gallery too and you can click on each shot to enlarge it.

*A Chatbox comment from 'Eric Cantona' perhaps sums it up. He was told by the manager of QEII that "ASET were one of the most professional organising groups" he had come across.