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When Audlem's rendition of 'Amazing Grace' appeared on international TV screens in December, including California, some wondered whether the village might follow in the footsteps of Rylestone and Kettlewell in Yorkshire whose famous W.I. calendar led to the 'Calendar Girls' film.

Rumours have today reached AudlemOnline that a movie with the working title of 'Amazing Grace' is being planned after a Hollywood producer wept with emotion and excitement as he saw how a small village came together to help one of their own.

It is not known, as yet, whether the film will be set in Audlem itself — Calendar Girls was inspired by Rylestone W.I. but filmed in nearby Kettlewell — and it's even possible that the setting might be transposed to an American township to appeal to USA audiences.

AudlemOnline has asked some of the leading personalities involved in making 'Amazing Grace' which actor they would most like to play their role on the big screen.

Ralph Warburton opted immediately for Dustin Hoffman while John Gunstone, desperate for a thoroughly English representation of the story, wants to be played by Judi Dench.

Seriously, he believes this year's Oscar winning best actor Eddie Redmayne would capture his laid-back self-effacing approach to life perfectly — as long as the well-bred actor did not use his Old Etonian accent.

Alisdair MacKenzie, who was compared to TV's Gareth Malone of The Choir during the original filming, believes it's time Mr Malone moved over to the big screen, but he will have to work hard to capture Alisdair's lilting Aberdonian tones. Failing that Jeff Bridges, the Dude in The Big Lebowski, would be perfect.

The Pete Marshall and Ian Haughey roles were an easy choice — Ant and Dec would bring the necessary note of decorum and good taste to the film and, having spent so much time in an Australian jungle, would also appeal to audiences down under.


Top of the bill will be young Macy, who opened and closed the Audlem Amazing Grace video. Given her subsequent live performances, we feel she would hold her own in any company. Let's hope Hollywood feels the same.

As for the villagers of Audlem, we will all keep our fingers crossed the producers also stick to the original cast.

No doubt the film will be a worthy celebration of the Mend our Mum's amazing success in raising the £100,000 target.

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