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We are conducting a survey of the opinions of people in the communities of Audlem and district regarding the various concerns which we at ADAPT consider might have a significant impact on us all over the coming decades.

We have invited many of the organisations within Audlem to ask their members to participate in the survey. In June of this year we conducted a small scale survey asking the same questions and were surprised and encouraged by the response.

However the sample was too small to be authoritative so, spurred on by the earlier results, we are trying to obtain the opinions of 10% of population of Audlem and district. This will provide a more authoritative basis for developing ideas that resonate with our communities needs.

A majority of surveys are conducted in an urban setting and we at ADAPT think that for our, and similar communities, it would be good to conduct a survey in a rural setting.

There are a number of global situations which have been causing growing disquiet to the experts in their specialists fields and which are now becoming matters of wider public concern.

The Opinion Survey lists the seven issues which members of ADAPT believe are those which could pose the greatest threat to the long term well-being of humanity and the environment as a whole.

ADAPT is the name of a local group who are interested in seeking a greater understanding of the nature of the various developing situations.

The group has grown out of an initiative taken during 2008 by the old Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council. Local authorities have a responsibility to maximise their ability to reduce carbon emissions resulting from their activities and ADAPT is one of the independent none governmental groups that developed as a result of that initiative.

We are adopting the framework set out by the Transition Towns Initiative, a loose association of voluntary groups which is developing world wide, to guide our activities.

Have your say. It will only take a couple of minutes to complete.

If you do not belong to any of the organisations asked to participate or were not there when the questionnaires were handed out additional copies are available and can be returned at Williams' News Agents in Shropshire Street.

Your participation will be gratefully accepted.

We hope to have all the returns by the end of September and to be able to publish the results by the end of October.

For further information contact Martin Dominic: E-mail: