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Audlem and District Amenities Society

ADAS (Audlem District Amenities Society) was formed in 1969. It now has some 500 or more members who contribute an annual fee which funds much of the work done by ADAS within the village.

Committee meetings are held on the third Monday in each month. Ideas and suggestions from members of the public are welcomed and may be made to any Committee member. Our notice board in the centre of the village gives all ADAS detail.

ADAS is a registered charity.

ADAS aims to:

  • To stimulate interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of -Audlem, Buerton, Cox bank and Lightwood Green. We actively encourage traders to participate in village life and activities.
  • To ensure high standards of planning and architecture and the intelligent use of land; to encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity in its area.
  • ADAS provides all the plants, shrubs and displays in and around the district's public areas . We put in place considerable numbers of large stone troughs and every year provide many tubs and hanging baskets full of blooms. We aim to choose a different colour scheme for the village each year.

ADAS Annual Awards

Andrew Smith
Sam Burdon

ADAS presents several awards each year at the AGM.

For 2015/16, the annual ADAS award winners were

Andrew Smith (Citizen of the Year)


Sam Burdon (Best Commercial Premises).

ADAS Planting

ADAS has planted an enormous amount of Daffodils & Narcissi along the canal bank and in spaces in and around the village Some 36 trees were also planted along the canal bank. In addition to the Canal side bulbs, we planted 4000 bluebells by the Canal Road Bridge. ADAS also plants around 2000 spring bedding plants in the troughs and flower beds to give a splash of colour from May onwards. This helps enormously in keeping the village "Vibrant".
As a result of this planting and care taken to ensure weeding is done in tubs and beds we have been fortunate to be awarded North West In Bloom Awards over several years. The plaques showing these awards can be seen on the walls of the cycle shop.


Many of the children are involved in the Spring and Summer planting activities, with the local school being involved with the conservation field as part of their studies. Every year, as the children break up for the summer, we give each child a plant to grow. The fruits of their summer labour are all taken into school in September and they are judged to find the best results , with prizes presented at Assembly. ADAS has been doing this with the children for many years now and it is very pleasing to see how much they enjoy the challenge and of being a part of the community efforts here in the district.


As well as providing all the Christmas lights and trees which now include many large mature trees giving Audlem the reputation of a beautiful Christmas village, ADAS also organises the carol singing round the Christmas tree in the centre of the village.


Table Top Sales in March and October; Fashion Shows ; the annual Schools' Painting Competition; Choral Concerts in St James Church.

Ann Wollaston


The Executive ADAS committee is made up of Neil Goodyear (Chair), Mike Hill, Irene Pryce, David Latchford, Bill Consteradine, Judy Tarrant, Russell Waters, Alyson Berman, Sam Burden, Vanda Clemes and Janet Warrington.

At our 2015 AGM after 25 years service Anne Wollaston retired from this Committee and her commitment was commended with thanks and flowers.

Sub-committees of the main committee include AIB (Audlem in Bloom) whose members are
Neil Goodyear, Vanda Clemes, Eleanor Liles and Sam Burdon.

Trust Committee

The task of the Trust committee is to administer part of the funds of ADAS to be invested for the district. The Trust's committee meets when necessary and members include Bryony Nixon (Chairman) and Bill Consterdine..

Annual calendar

MARCH — Drive to collect Subscriptions and enrol New Members
MARCH/OCTOBER- Table Top Sale in the Public Hall
MAY /JUNE — Planting all the floral displays -
JULY — Judging of the Village for Best Village award in North West in Bloom
JULY/AUGUST — Judging of best kept garden awards
OCTOBER — AGM and Get together of Members
OCTOBER — Simply Allsorts choir and Crewe Brass
OCTOBER — Planting of Spring flowering Bulbs and Plants
DECEMBER — Erect the Christmas tree and The Big Switch on to light up the Village for Christmas
DECEMBER — Carol Singing round the tree
New Year's Eve Firework display over the Square.