Parish Council responds to Covid-19

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, the Parish Council has implemented a series of measures to ensure the health and safety of our Councillors and staff, and, by doing so, that of the wider community.

All Parish Council meetings are postponed until further notice. This includes the monthly meetings in April and May, finance meetings and working group meetings. Meetings of the Turnpike Field Working Group and the Annual Village meeting in May are also postponed until further notice.

Parish Council expenditure will be kept to a minimum and all grant application decisions are on hold.

Turnpike Field pond fencing will be completed as soon as possible and the playing field asset transfer progressed, however, all other projects will be placed on hold for 3 months.

The public conveniences will remain open to the public and 3 Counties Cleaning will be cleaning them as normal (6 times a week). Hot water will continue to run to help kill bacteria washing hands and for cleaning purposes.

Bee, the Parish Clerk, will work from home only. The recruitment of the assistant clerk and opening of the new office base in the public hall has been placed on hold for 3 months.

Gavin, the lengthsman will continue working and will be cleaning the village at quieter times, wearing a protective surgical mask. In order to prevent spreading the virus, please can we respectfully ask residents to keep 6 ft/2 metres away from him if they stop to talk to him.

The situation is constantly evolving and will be under constant review by the Parish Council.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe during this unprecedented time.

Please email the Parish Clerk on or phone 07432 332 857 if you have any queries.