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AudlemOnline, version 4

AudlemOnline is now in its fourth incarnation of what some have kindly described as "one of the best village websites in the country." Editorial entries for businesses, clubs, societies, sports clubs etc. are free and any information or updates should be sent to the editing team. Please pass any comments (positive, negative or just interesting!) to any of us. We want your feedback!

We hope you will find the site easy to navigate and that the content is interesting and useful. Its purpose is to help everyone in the area to find out what's going on, how to find and use local businesses and participate to the full in the many local sports, groups and societies. For those visiting Audlem, we hope the website will give you a flavour of what you will find in one of England's liveliest and most attractive communities.


The website emerged from the preparation of the Parish Plan on August the 25th 2005. Questionnaire responses showed 85% of local residents wanted a website and 70% regularly used the Internet. Due to the website's extraordinary success in the first month, the team released an updated version several weeks later including extra features suggested by residents.

A team consisting of Bob Cartwright, John Gunstone (who runs ThenMedia and designed and built the website), Margaret Roberts, Pam Seddon and Bill Slater developed the site.

In April 2009 the Mark III, and then in November 2012 the Mark IV versions of the site were launched, and the webteam now comprises John Tilling (Chairman), Alvar Jones(Editor) and John Gunstone (Technical Support).

The latest version of the website includes a fresh modern design and the addition of genre pages which bring together news and media based on tagged categories. In late 2012 the webteam launched Facebook and Twitter accounts for AudlemOnline. Mark IV runs on ThenMedia CentrePointCMS.