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A regular reader has sent us this comment about the Broadband upgrade following a letter he received from BT. He says:

"Well this was a non-event. As this email now makes clear, the BT upgrade is not a superfast upgrade (called Infinity by BT) but merely some renewal in the exchange.

"Superfast involves replacing the copper loop with fibre to the home or more likely to the cabinets in the street. No mention of whether we are getting that. Oh well!"

The BT letter, however, may be of interest to others frustrated by slow Broadband speeds:

#BT Email
Good News: We've upgraded your broadband line

This is to let you know that we've now upgraded your line and you should now have an improved, more consistent broadband connection, and maybe a speed increase.

You can find out more at

Remember your line needs time to settle down

For the next ten days, your broadband might slow down or even stop now and again. That's normal and it'll soon settle down. You can help it along by leaving your BT Home Hub on and using your broadband as much as you can for this time.

Equipment playing up?

  • If you have BT Vision and you get an on-screen error message (V04), please restart your BT Vision box by holding down the power button for about six seconds.

  • If other things connected to your phone or broadband line are playing up, you might need to restart them too.

  • If you've tried the above and still have problems, try our help pages or call us on 0800 111 4567.

Try our Broadband Accelerator

The BT Broadband Accelerator can help improve your broadband speed by up to 1.5Mb. It filters out electrical interference from your TVs, lights and other everyday equipment that could be slowing down your internet.

As a BT broadband customer, you can order one free online- all you pay is the £1.30 postage (one per household). Order yours or find out more at

Is this about BT Infinity?

No, this upgrade is part of our ongoing network improvements. If we can offer you BT Infinity, our super fast fibre broadband service, we'll let you know in a separate email or letter. Or you can check availability at

Thanks for choosing BT

Warren Buckley
Managing Director, Customer Service


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