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Match report 19th March 2017

So. Another chance to play. Pitch not too wet . The warm sunshine of the past few days has been a real tonic for the grass and it is showing signs of growth .
Up early as is my habit, and to my mind, to the best time of the day . Bird song growing even more melodious as the days rush to the April showers . And all that promises for the land .
I have tulips ready to open any day now which seems to me to be a tad early .
Enough of my musing .

To the team.
To the game, and this time we do have enough players . Two weeks on the run -- getting spoilt with such riches.
We play Bank Corner today, a team well up in the league, as most teams are of course , sitting as we do just one position from the bottom . Managed by a very fine fellow Keith .
Referee is Alan Husher .
Kick off early as both teams up and straining at the leash . Our team look good in their freshly laundered kit -- cared for by Olive each week.

And on the subject of the kit we wear, young Max Youle aged 11, is with me today . He remarked a year or so ago that "Audlem look like Argentina -- but for certain they do not play like them ! " so astute . . A very bright young fellow . We have a season wager each year that my team, Liverpool , will finish higher than his , Manchester United . A £2 bet. He is ahead in the wagers.

So — We kick off at 1054. Frantic play as each side seeks to establish their pecking rights.
Sunshine now but still breezy. Wind playing a part in the game . Big cry for a penalty by Bank Corner. Denied by the Ref.
They score !
0 -- 1
0 -- 2

Outlook looking bleak for us yet again. Blue sky . Slightly warmer. Sound of the grass cutting in the cemetery drifts over to me, as Derek Stockton -- aboard the motor mower, works to get the place looking pristine .

Great shot by Kev Rodgers . Very direct kick with power but their goalkeeper stops it. Our best attempt so far .Two fine goal clearances in a scrabble of play. Bank Corner player booked by the Ref. Mouthing off obscenities to him . Stupid stuff.

They score once more
0 -- 3
0 -- 4 — Own goal -- in off our player
Free kick to us , taken by Andrew (Beko) Betteley . And! He drives it straight into their goal
1 -- 4


Wind getting up a bit . Gusty .
Kick off and blow me down, bang . They score right away
And more
When oh when will we ever play well enough to beat a team . I live in perpetual hope of that day . One day!!!
Scrambled play . 4 shots at our goal .

1. -- 9
1 -- 10
We play our two subs
And we all lost all our heart. Shape, desire , drive.
Penalty as Kev Rodgers. wrestles a player to the ground

A total shambles. A total thrashing . All heads down.
Referee blows up a bit early, thankfully .

Overall a very good referee . Overall an awful display by Audlem . Overall very determined opponents

Ralph Warburton