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Well, the Volunteer Lock Keepers based in Audlem were joined today by 4 new faces who had kindly given up their Saturday to assist the regular team members with this months task.

To name the 'young men' we were joined by, Nigel, William, Rod and yes another Nigel.

Team leader

As normal the team were lead by Angela Barnett a full time C & R T. Team Leader with a direct responsibility in co coordinating the Audlem volunteers and this month supported by Jim Stretch also a C & R T Team Leader who is based and also lives in Audlem.

The days safety work brief was delivered by Angela, in turn explaining that todays programme of work was to complete repairs and redressing the canal tow path between lock 12 up to 11.

C & R T again had arranged the delivery of 7.5 tonnes of bulk grit material including mechanical wheel barrows to transport the material from our compound area up to the tow path. 'Again job done'.

Weather on our side

The weather was on our side this month, nice and dry which made the programme of work enjoyable, also thank you to the team of volunteers, 12 in total who were able to share the jobs in question from power wheel barrow operation through to shovelling, raking and levelling the grit, also a special thanks to Jim and his skills with the 'mechanical whacker plate' and 'Ange' for her natural skills in the operation of a powered wheel barrow.
As normal coffee and tea was supplied coupled with plenty of rest breaks, a great and rewarding day for all.

Also to support our work focus, members of the public ' towpath walkers were very complimentary towards us in our efforts in redressing the tow path surface. Thank you for your positive comments from the team.

For information, the next planed volunteer task force day will be held on Saturday 9th December, as normal we meet for a 10:00 am start at our covered accommodation adjacent to the entrance to the Audlem Mill Shop.

You are more than welcome to join us for the day (or part of it) to assist in the next rewarding task on the Audlem Flight of locks.

Derek Jones

Volunteer Lock Keeper / Lock Ranger

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