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We've received the following information from a local resident regarding the worsening potholes near the primary school in Adderley:

"Having run out of patience with 'pothole alley' just south of Adderley School I emailed Shropshire Highways (via their website) to complain about the dreadful state of the road. They have responded as follows:

Further to your recent enquiry regarding the road surface at A529 Adderley. Shropshire Council are aware of the current condition of the A529 outside Adderley School and have programmed resurfacing of the area. We have experienced several delays of the resurfacing but are hoping to undertake the works over the half term week in February. In the meantime, an inspection of A529 has been undertaken by a Highways Technician. They have raised jobs for safety defect repairs as appropriate.

The road is inspected regularly and any further safety defects that occur, will be repaired as and when necessary, until the resurfacing work has been undertaken."

Ed: It appears, then, that work will shortly be undertaken and although the reassurance about inspections may be of some comfort, we should perhaps not confuse 'regularly' with 'frequently'....

(Photo is a mock-up)

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